Below is a list of working titles for Curtis’s novels. The  Staghorn Crown prequel quintet  and A Thousand Watchful Eyes series are each planned.

I am currently finishing the first book from each respective set.  Each novel’s conflict and characters are connected by one large, overarching story that spans the twelve books. The prequel quintet and the nine-novel series can be read exclusively, like each book, but it’s nicer to experience the whole story!

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The Staghorn Crown Quintet

The Staghorn Crown

Rhea: A Staghorn Crown Story

Quinn: Shield of the Stone Coast

Celesa: Beyond the Seventh Gate

Tava: A Prophecy

A Thousand Watchful Eyes

Book One: The Witch’s Uprising

Book Two: The Robber Kings

Book Three: The Year of the Forged Crown

Book Four: A Touch of Fire

Book Five: The Witch Queen’s Plea

Book Six: The Hunted Swordsman

Book Seven: The Hand That Heals

Book Eight: The Shattered Sword

Book Nine: Age of Dreams

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A Thousand Watchful Eyes

A Thousand Watchful Eyes is the name of a nine-novel young adult fantasy series. It is Curtis’s current project.

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The Witch’s Uprising

In The Witch’s Uprising, nineteen-year-old Aurelia, a seasoned warrior and Protector of the Southern Plaines, searches for a kidnapped baby girl. Meanwhile, Bryar, a perceptive fourteen-year-old boy, seeks justice for a murder. Harlowe, unlike most twelve-year-old girls, dreams of becoming a knight. She receives a mission from a mysterious witch-queen and leaves her home behind.

As children and infants disappear across Brylennia, wielders of dark magic return. Equipped with swords, shields, cloaks, crystal daggers, and a magic diary with a cryptic history – Aurelia, Harlowe, and Bryar must each unearth the deepest truths that Brylennia has kept buried for too long.

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The Staghorn Crown

As a last defense against dark magic, the Sisterhood built a towering fortress in the Northern mountains of Bryllenia. Now centuries old, their ancient order provides refuge for women without a home or friend. Four young orphans – Quinn, Rhea, Tava, and Celesa – await to join the newest generation of magic-wielding women to maintain the peace. After a beloved teacher disappears, the orphans uncover the sacrifice that the Sisterhood paid for their existence. Together, they infiltrate the darkest depths of their home, hoping to save the Sisterhood from the return of the enemy.

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