Do you have an art blog where you post your images and creative process? Join the conversation.

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Here’s a coffee question for this week:

Do you have an art blog where you post your images and/or creative process?

If not, do you post your work on any other photo-sharing or portfolio sites?

Feel free to post a link to your site in the comments so we may visit and see your work!

I’m so excited to see how people share their creative process! Seeing the creative process, whether it is visual or written, always gives me inspiration. I hope it does the same for you!


#FantasyFansUnited – Want your audience to grow? Fantasy Fiction Friday # 1

Fantasy Fiction Fridays: #FantasyFansUnited

I know this is published early, but after this week’s coffee question and a responses from WordPress bloggers and Instagram users, I couldn’t help myself.

Paper Palaces will provide a place for Fantasy Fans on WordPress and other platforms to unite, including writers, authors, artists, and other enthusiasts of fantasy fiction, art, and movies.

The goal is to revel in our passion for this genre! Let’s spread the inspiration!

What does that mean, and what’s the difference between this community and others?

Every Friday, I will make a post related to our ever-growing fantasy community on WordPress.

Throughout the week, I also make posts on other Social Media Platforms, using the hashtag: FantasyFansUnited.

I will post links to the highest-quality blogs in this fantasy-loving community, while encouraging the rest of us to do the same.

Who do we welcome?

  • Authors, artists, writers, teachers, readers, book reviewers, and fantasy enthusiasts that write on WordPress and/or other online platforms!
  • Any blogger, Instagram or Twitter user, content creator, and Bookstagram enthusiast

Anyone joining should some interest in any of the following subjects: fantasy fiction, fantasy movies, book reviews and commentary, reading, literature, or fantasy as a genre.

This is just to name a few. If you like fantasy, and you produce or are interested in high-quality content, you should join.

What are the primary interests of this group?

  • Everything fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction
  • Producing and reading high-quality blog posts
  • Building a readership for every blogger that joins
  • Guest-posting on each other’s blogs

What are the benefits and what do we do?

  • As this community grows, your readership will grow.
  • You will get to read high-quality posts
  • You won’t have to sift through the WordPress Reader to find like-minded posts, content, and interesting artwork
  • By posting in this community, your work will be referenced, re-blogged, and visible across other social media platforms

How do you join?

Create your content and include the tag FantasyFansUnited whenever the post relates to the genre of fantasy. If you post on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #FantasyFansUnited.

Add this tag to your reader. It may take some time to populate with posts as we build our community.

I will re-blog and reference our highest-quality posts on WordPress and other Social Media platforms, and I encourage our community to do the same.

What if I want my blog featured, or an author to guest post?

There are two options.

Share your site in the comments section, and I will re-blog or post content on the next Fantasy Fiction Friday after previewing your site. Or, more preferably, use the form on my Coffee Questions Page. By using the form, I can connect you to other creators.

If you like today’s post, please like and follow this blog. Comment with your thoughts below!

Consider joining our community by adding the FantasyFansUnited tag to your WordPress, or by using the same hashtag for your Instagram and Twitter posts.



Fantasy Fans United

We are building a community for fans of fantasy fiction. Make a post with the hashtag #FantasyFansUnited on any of your social media accounts. All posts should be related to fantasy fiction, cinema, or artwork.

Fantasy Fans United

This call to action, and this week’s Coffee Question comes from Evanston, Illinois.


Who else is looking for fantasy on WordPress?

When looking through the WordPress Reader, a friend of mine noticed the under-representation of fantasy enthusiasts on WordPress.

Knowing that there is a wealth of people interested in fantasy fiction, world building, swords and sorcery, magic, and medieval-inspired stories and novels, we couldn’t help but pose this question this week.

This Week’s Questions

Are you looking for fantasy too? What kind of fantasy content do you want to see on WordPress? Do you have a fantasy blog, website, or other content that you could share?

Sharing your thoughts, content, and WordPress sites allows other readers to see your enthusiasm for this genre.

Paper Palaces may decide to feature your blog posts and site content on Twitter and Instagram if it is relevant to future posts and questions.

Read my answers to these question below, or start sharing your own answers in the comments section!

My Answer:

I’m definitely looking for more fantasy on WordPress. I would like to see more fantasy book reviews, short stories, and novelists. I’m interested in characters with depth and magical worlds that feel complete.  Honestly, I’ll follow any content that seems interesting or tickles my interest.

For more about Coffee Questions please visit our site page.

What’s your answer? Comment below or post on your blog with the hashtag #fantasyfansunited.