Patron Calendar

Patreon Calendar

As I work on my manuscripts, I have a loose calendar for Patron Updates.

  1. I update Patrons once every two weeks or more on my projects.
  2. I try to include graphics, excerpts, teasers, and/or links once a month of new or current works.

Here is the focus for each mini-season of writing:

November 2018 – December 2018 – NaNoWriMo, Unbound Blade, and Threadbare

January 2018 – February 2019- Short stories, new work ideas, and self-publishing Threadbare

March – April 2019 – Launch announcement, behind-the-scenes info, and scene creation

May 2019 – Book project updates (self publication vs. traditional) and excerpts

June – July 2019  – (I’m getting married, so updates will involve news on current projects)

August – September 2019 – New book ideas, novel-in-a-month preview, and NaNoWriMo ideas.

October 2019 – Novel / Novella in a month

November 2019 – NaNoWriMo – Spellbound Steel