The Staghorn Crown

 From the World of A Thousand Watchful Eyes

The Staghorn Crown:


As their last defense against dark magic, the Sisterhood built the Stellaria in the Northern mountains of Brylennia. Now centuries old, this ancient fortress provides refuge for women without a home.

Tava lives at the Stellaria as payment for her mother’s debt. The Sisterhood took her when she was child, just like her friends, Quinn, Rhea, and Celesa.  Now that they are old enough to train, they will be the newest generation of magic-wielding girls to maintain the peace, yet Tava is mostly concerned with the reason why her mother left her in the Stellaria in the first place.

After a beloved teacher disappears, the orphans uncover the sacrifice that the Sisterhood paid for their existence. Together, they infiltrate the darkest depths of their home, hoping to save the Sisterhood from the return of the enemy.

The Staghorn Crown is currently released on Patreon as a serial novel.

SHC – Opening Chapters – PDF Sampler