The Witch’s Uprising

The Witch’s Uprising

Book One of A Thousand Watchful Eyes

The Witch’s Uprising follows nineteen-year-old Aurelia, a seasoned warrior and Protector of the Southern Plaines, as she searches for a kidnapped baby girl. Meanwhile, Bryar, a perceptive fourteen-year-old boy, seeks justice for a murder. Harlowe, unlike most twelve-year-old girls, dreams of becoming a knight. She receives a mission from a mysterious witch-queen and leaves her home behind.

As children and infants disappear across Brylennia, wielders of dark magic return. Equipped with swords, shields, cloaks, crystal daggers, and a magic diary with a cryptic history – Aurelia, Harlowe, and Bryar must each unearth the deepest truths that Brylennia has kept buried for too long.

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