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What tricks do you have up your sleeve? [Blog Prompts for the 7-Day Reading Challenge Countdown]

May 7th, 2018 marks the official start of the 7-Day Reading challenge (#ReadWithCurtis) hosted here on Paper Palaces. Readers can start on the official day, earlier, or later.

There are only two rules: 1.) Read for 20 minutes per day for seven days, and 2.) Post on Instagram, Twitter, or WordPress about your reading, using the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis (I’m Curtis!).

While the official challenge does not start until next Monday, there is time to spread enthusiasm early! I’ve already started posting about the challenge on my Instagram (CurtisWritesBooks), using the hashtag above.

Here are a few questions that I invite you to answer. You can answer via blog post, or simply comment on this page! The more the merrier.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Some of us have tricks for reading consistently throughout the week.

Yesterday, I mentioned a few tips for being successful at the 7-Day Challenge. The first tip involved setting aside a time and place for reading. However, this is not the only strategy you could use to create a consistent reading habit.

I would love to know if you have any strategies for reading consistently, or reading a variety of books.

Here are some questions / blog prompts that you can use. Or, if you prefer, you could just comment below.

Your Reading Environment:

Your Preferences, Mood, and Habits

Genres and Picking Books

Let us know any strategy you have, any trick that keeps you motivated to read. I’m going to answer my own questions in future posts. You can find them in the #ReadWithCurtis category in the menu at the top of my blog.

Again, you can answer one or more of these questions via blog post, or comment on this page. It’s an open invitation. If you write a blog post, just link back to this article so I can see it!

If you have a question you would like me to answer, please comment below or connect with me via Instagram (CurtisWritesBooks).


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