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What is the strangest or most memorable thing you have read today?

Today is Day Four of the # 7-Day Reading Challenge. Today’s bonus prompt is What is the strangest or most memorable thing you have read today?  Remember to post with the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog so we can see how you respond. Feel free to leave your response in the comments!

What is the strangest or most memorable thing you have read today?

My Response

Today, I continued to read David Day’s Tolkien’s Ring, a book that explores the connections between myth, literature, and Tolkien’s writings. I learned a few days ago that Tolkien hated Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

Today, the most memorable passage I read was a retelling of the Norse Volsunga saga – specifically a scene where the wander Odin plunges a sword into a tree. This story very much reminds me of Arthurian legend, and the academic inside of me is holding both arms in the air in excitement for reading myths and legends.

I’m proud of my nerdy taste in books.


7-Day Reading Challenge Update

Day 04

This has been a great day of the challenge so far. More people are joining the hashtag on Instagram and WordPress (#ReadWithCurtis). Here’s a big shoutout to Judy in Delight in Your Garden for starting the challenge on WordPress! I strongly encourage you to join if you haven’t already. It’s been a lot of fun.

You can choose which seven days you are going to read. Read for 20 minutes a day, and then post about your reading experience.

Even if you miss a day, try restarting the challenge! There are a lot of false starts when it comes to habit building. Believe me. I know. I’ve tried and messed up before, but that’s just how forming new habits work.

If you decide to join, I wish you the best of luck! Why not try the bonus prompt of the day as well?

What’s the strangest or most memorable thing you read today? (Blogs and online reading count too!)



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