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Spend your Day Binge Reading or Sampling New Books – 7-Day Challenge – Day 06

Today’s post is for the Day Six of the #ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Challenge. Today’s bonus task is to binge read or sample new books.

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Binge Reading or Sampling New Books


My Response

Day 06


This week has been great. While I have mostly stuck to reading two books Fragile Things and Tolkien’s Ring, I have found the process of reading daily and posting daily to be not only fun but also extremely sustainable. It’s nice to connect with friends, family, and complete strangers over what’s being read.

For day six, I’ve already started amassing my next list of books to binge read. In a few hours, I am heading over to my mother’s house for Mother’s Day, so I won’t binge read until tomorrow – sometime between grading papers, doing the dishes, and writing A Thousand Watchful Eyes.

I’ve continued reading Tolkien’s Ring as a start, and I hope to budget more of my time tomorrow towards knocking out books on the list.

Here’s the start of my Mythic / Epic Fantasy Binge-Read List

Do you have any book recommendations to go on my list? I’m looking especially for short fantasy fiction, as I am doing some writing experiments within that genre.


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