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Read an article that refreshes you!

Today’s bonus daily task for the 7-Day Reading Challenge is to reconnect with yourself. One of my suggestions is to read an article about mental, spiritual, or physical health. Recharge!

Reconnect with Yourself – Read an article that refreshes you!

My Response

Day 07

The purpose of today’s task is to refresh yourself after these last seven days of building a reading habit. I hope that the 7-Day Challenge has worked for you so far. It definitely has been a great experience for me. If you have not done the challenge, I encourage you to do so. The hashtag #ReadWithCurtis is still up, and I will continue posting to it, especially on Instagram.

Refreshing Articles

When it comes to refreshing articles, I strongly recommend any article on mental, physical, or spiritual health. This morning, I took some time to read a few articles online. Some of the articles focused on the psychology of feeling motivated, as well as how to develop habits that leave you feeling empowered and generally happy.

Taking time to read short articles that contribute to my well-being always improves the quality of my day. Strangely enough, I usually feel most refreshed when reading about goal setting in any of these areas; habit formation is definitely one area that I love reading about.

Of course, whenever I read articles like these, I usually have a cup of black coffee in hand, and that may account for all of the refreshing energy I feel…

An Article for You

This morning, I was walking while listening to a podcast interview with James Clear. I have talked about him before on this blog.  He usually has simple, easy-to-apply tips for forming positive working habits. Today’s podcast brought up the idea of an anchor goal. I have included an article from James Clear’s blog on single-tasking vs. multi-tasking. There, you will find the idea of an anchor goal in his own words. I really like the idea of creating an anchor goal, especially because my high degree of openness drives me to chase every idea I have.

Here is the article for your perusal:

Do you have an article that refreshed you? Let me know!


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