Minutes to a Better Book

Minute to a Better Book is an experiment. I created it May 15th, 2018, but I didn’t start until summertime. The goal was to see how quickly I could finish 300 hours of writing.

For this experiment, only fiction writing counted. More specifically, only minutes spent writing and revising my book series counted.


I wanted to spend more time writing my books and telling an epic story. To do this properly, I needed to give my novels attention as frequently as possible, with as much time as I could dedicate.

Will you still write articles and posts?

Yes, but they will not count towards my minutes. In fact, I will post about this process on Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress fairly regularly.

Will you still create short fiction?

Yes, but those short stories will not count towards my minutes. Any short stories I create will go to my Patreon page or straight to contests.

Only the minutes spent writing my book series will count towards the 300 hour total.  After all, my overarching project is called Curtis Writes Books, not Curtis Writes Blog Posts About Books.

Every minute will count. I will make them count.

Posting Schedule:

If I’m dedicating as many hours as I can towards writing my book series, I’m going to make it extra fun.  As I reach each milestone below, I will make a post.

Having this schedule helps me take the anxiety away from planning when and how I will post. If you want to do this experiment with me, go ahead! There are no rules.

I suggest having a specific piece to work on and keeping track of your minutes. I’m aiming for 300 Hours (18,000 minutes)  by August 1st. While I have already dedicated time towards my novel, I feel compelled to really dive in now!


Minutes to A Better Book

Hours – Equivalent Minutes | Level Name

5 Hours –  300 minutes 


10 Hours –  600 minutes Pewter COMPLETE
15 Hours – 900 minutes Bronze COMPLETE
30 Hours – 1800 minutes Gold
45 Hours – 2700 minutes Silver
60 Hours – 3,600 minutes Ruby
90 Hours -5,400 minutes Sapphire
120 Hours – 7200 minutes Emerald
240 Hours – 14,440  minutes Diamond
300 Hours – 18,000 minutes Infinity Stone*

*I am inspired by Marvel.

I hope you enjoy the posts and the results of this challenge. Below are links to other articles related to Minutes to a Better Book.


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