#ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading Challenge

About the 7-Day Reading Challenge

The 7-Day Reading Challenge is a start-anytime challenge. I began hosting this challenge in May of 2018.

To maximize the results of the challenge, you follow two guidelines:

  1. Read every day for 20 minutes, for seven days.
  2. Post about your reading experience (daily or weekly) on Twitter, Instagram, or your blog, using the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis. See the Instagram posts here.

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The Past: May 7th – May 14th

The 7-Day Reading Challenge officially ran on May 7th – May 14th, 2018. The purpose of the challenge was to build the start to a strong daily reading habit. I participated in the challenge along with a few others.

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Here is what one Medium writer wrote about the #ReadWithCurtis challenge:

The Present, and The Future

I hope to post regularly to the hashtag via Instagram. It seems to be the easiest and most expedient method to post brief comments on what I am reading.

If you are planning on trying the challenge, I encourage you to post to Instagram or link back to the articles below on your own blog.

Need a place to start? Here is a collection of 7-Day Challenge Reading Articles:

Pre-Challenge Posts

Daily Posts / Bonus Tasks and Questions

All Articles Together (From Newest to Oldest)


I hope this page is useful.

If you are starting the challenge and would like to connect with me about your reading, leave a comment below!


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