2018 Paper Palaces Pen and Ink Art Contest (Fantasy)

This autumn, I'm hosting an artwork contest through Paper Palaces for any artists interested. Here are the details: Seeking the most engaging artistic interpretation of the fictional scene below. . . Whether your a long-standing artist or simply building your portfolio, this is a contest for you! The winner and runner-ups will be featured on PaperPalacesBlog.com, … Continue reading 2018 Paper Palaces Pen and Ink Art Contest (Fantasy)

The Witch’s Uprising: Writing Wednesday # 2

When the twig snapped beneath her left foot, Aurelia felt the world shift. Her heart palpitated - the hoof-beat thump of a seasoned warrior filling her chest. Before she could make a decision, before she could swing the sword, the wind blew across her face, and the man turned. She had seconds to act - seconds!