New 50mm Lens! & Making Matcha

I recently purchased a 50mm lens for my Canon 4000d. Here are two of the latest videos from the channel, showing what this lens can do. I'm hoping to use it in the future for the b-roll portions of my vlogs, and for documenting the process leading to the publication of my book, The Witch's Uprising.

I broke a promise . . . The continuation of a previous video. This is what happened earlier that day. I've had a lot on my mind, but maybe it's all diet related, and not existential. Hope you enjoy! If you haven't already, please subscribe or share these videos with another person! -Curtis

What my brother said . . . [video post] Just some great words of encouragement. There were four words my brother said that really made my day, and I think they were some of the most encouraging words you could hear. They remind me that I should keep being myself and embrace the challenges that every day brings. They remind me to walk … Continue reading What my brother said . . .

Filming and Photographing Geese at Sunrise [Video Post]

The other day, I went outside, walked to one of my favorite public parks near Lake Michigan and filmed the lake. To my surprise a large flock of geese flew overhead and I thought that was a great opportunity to test out my zoom lens.

Almost cried happy tears seeing those deer in the woods, in Autumn [VIDEO POST] Hope you enjoy this video. It is literally just me wandering in the woods and taking pictures. I will post some of the edited photos on 500px later in the week with a link on this blog. In college, I used to spend time with my friends in a forest preserve in Peoria, and … Continue reading Almost cried happy tears seeing those deer in the woods, in Autumn [VIDEO POST]

Writing with a Full-Time Job / Life – Taking the CHALLENGE of writing THROUGHOUT the day

In today's vlog, I respond to Vivian Reis and her tips on how to write with a full-time job / full-time life. Links are in the description to her video and all resources mentioned.