8 Simple Ways You Can Help Me Publish My Twelve-Novel Saga

My Novel-Writing Journey

In case you didn’t know, I’m writing novels. In fact, I’m writing twelve.

Each of the twelve novels are connected by one large, overarching story.  Within the saga, there are two main storylines: The Staghorn Crown Quintet and A Thousand Watchful Eyes. Readers can enjoy each series separately, but the story is richer if read as a whole saga.

Below are 8 ways you can help me publish my twelve-novel saga.

One: Follow this blog!

Following Paper Palaces will not only help me build a base of readers who enjoy my posts, but it will also give you the benefit of staying posted on my curiosities and writing process along the way. Just click that tiny button…

Two: Pick one of my social media profiles and follow me!




Three: Like my posts or leave positive comments

Liking posts and leaving comments spreads awareness for my content, thereby helping me reach a larger audience.

Four: Read my preview chapters on Tablo

If you read my chapters, you’re officially one of my readers.

If you like them, you’re a fan.

The Witch's Uprising - Cover II Wattpad EditionThe Staghorn Crown_ Tablo Preview Chapters


Five: Tell a friend about what you are reading

Share what you read with others. Tell fantasy readers and writing enthusiasts about this blog. Or, as a bonus, share CurtisWritesBooks.com.

Six: Share a post, a quote, or link.

You can do this on social media, via email, or in real life. Any share, whether it is a quote, post, link is a great gesture. Thank you!

Seven: Join the Books of Brylennia Facebook Group

Books of Brylennia Reading Group (1).png

Stay updated on my books, by joining the  Books of Brylennia Facebook Group. You can connect with Laura and me on the process of writing, editing, creating this fantasy series, and our methods of self-publishing. You can post your own contributions too. Join us on the journey.

Eight: Become a Patron

Become a Patron


This is a simple, yet generous act, and it is the only action that requires money.

By making a donation, you keep this site ad-free, allow me to pay artists and professionals for their hard work and collaboration, and keep my budget for this twelve-novel project healthy. Patrons get installments of The Staghorn Crown Quintet as it is written. Read more here on my Patreon page.




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