My First 20 Followers: A Note of Gratitude to Readers, Old and New

Thankful For My First 20 Followers!

It may seem like small potatoes to some people, but Paper Palaces has just surpassed twenty followers. I am very grateful for this milestone. Those of you who currently read and follow Paper Palaces, thank you for your interest and support!

Approaching 2018:

As we near 2018, I have many plans for this blog, and I will try to post meaningful content regularly. At the same time, I will keep my post frequency within 1-3 times a week for the sake of both quality and sanity!

New Types of Posts:

Process Posts / Updates

For those of you who don’t know, I am writing a twelve-novel fantasy saga, and I will be documenting the process here on Paper Palaces. You can read preview chapters of these novels on Tablo. Or, you can join the Facebook Group: Books of Brylennia.

Curiosity Posts

As I continue to write my novels, I will occasionally write in-depth posts on specific books, materials, and curiosities I encounter. These posts usually relate to fantasy, fiction, and my novel research. For example, I am drafting a post on medieval armor, as the topic is related to my series.  Curiosity posts will focus on one aspect or subtopic at a time (e.g. design, character arcs, literary elements, crafting methods, etc…).

Of course, some posts will be a blend…

Much of what I read and write relates to one or more of my projects.  As a result, some posts are blends.

See my latest example of a blended post:  How One Children’s Fantasy Book Inspired Me to Rethink My Artistic Process…

Interested? Hit that follow button, or Join the Facebook Group.

If you want to staying updated, you could follow me on WordPress, and each post will be delivered to your email or reader. You can control the delivery frequency.

Alternatively, you could join the newly created Books of Brylennia Facebook Group.  I will update this group with the most popular / relevant posts, news, and materials related to the process of creating and publishing my fantasy series. You can post your own content too, if you think our community will find it useful.

Books of Brylennia Reading Group (1)


In all cases, I hope you enjoy the content. I’m very grateful for any readers.



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