Bloggers and Noteworthy Followers (This Week’s Reads # 1)

Happy Friday!

I’d like to give a shoutout to a few bloggers and sites that may interest you. These people are worth following on WordPress if you like book reviews, travel blogs, challenges, and writing. Here are this week’s reads . . . 


Adventures of a Bibliophile


Adventures of a Bibliophile is a solid site if you like reading challenges. Stephanie tracks her reading challenges and infuses her posts with her own experiences. It’s a nice personal blog to read, and she inspires me to take on challenges of my own. I personally enjoy any blog that gives readers a sense of progress or momentum.


My Pick: She’s currently working on a Shakespeare Reading Challenge.

Alisa Ellie


I found Alisa Ellie on Instagram during a bookstagram shoutout session. I was first drawn in by her beautiful feed. I soon found that she had short, informational posts on blogging, writing, and books. Her blog is also very aesthetically pleasing. She is honing her own style, for sure.

Check her out. Her posts are funny and useful.

Alisa Ellie

My Pick:  I picked her Writing as a Skilll chose this post because it meshes well with how I view writing and writing habits.

Some Noteworthy Followers

I’d like to get in the habit of featuring some of my followers, new and old in a weekly post (usually on Friday or over the weekend). I’ve read some great work on WordPress, and I think it would be nice to bring specific posts to light in the future.

Check out these wordpress bloggers who are following me right now.

Thrifty Bibliophile


These book reviews are short and to the point. I really enjoy how quickly I can get an overview of a book.


My Pick: The site is also very well organized. I have included a link to her book review index (very helpful!).Check it out here.

Write Kind Travels


Book reviews, Barcelona, and travels. There are a variety of posts and topics on this site. I personally enjoy the blend of information and photography. In fact, I may try similar posts on my site when the time comes.


My Pick: Her Book Tour of Barcelona is gorgeous, as is the rest of her travel section.


I hope you found this useful! If you have a blog I should check out, let me know.


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7 thoughts on “Bloggers and Noteworthy Followers (This Week’s Reads # 1)

  1. Thank you, Curtis, for spreading a word about my blog and my article. Your support means a world to me, and I am happy you find it helpful. Sending good vibes your way! xoxo

    1. No problem! I really enjoy what you do, and I was impressed at how cohesive your style and blog posts feel. Thanks for the good vibes. Right back at you!

  2. Hi Curtis. Thanks for sharing my blog and for your kind words! I’m happy to hear that you liked the Barcelona bookstore tour post. I actually found myself retracing my steps and visiting some of the bookshops again this weekend – I might be a bit addicted.

    Thanks again and all the best,

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