9 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Your Novel (OR ANY OTHER PIECE OF FICTION)Today

Writing buddies help with this process.

Reason #1

You know you have a good idea, and you should start capturing it before it changes!

Your idea is probably relevant to the time, place, and events of today, whether or not it is set in a modern or even real setting. Take the time today to at least outline the premise of your novel!

Reason #2

Time will not stop for you.

There are few compelling time-related excuses for shirking your novel writing. For one, if you’ve watched even one episode on Netflix or TV today, or spent time on your phone, you could re-allocate those minutes of entertainment towards your passion.

Even ten minutes a day can make a huge difference in your novel-writing practice.

Reason #3

You already have the motivation.

You wouldn’t be reading this article unless you wanted to start or continue writing a novel, so there is obviously some motivational seed within you that you should water.

Why not water it today, and then water it daily? Committing to the simple habit of writing three sentences a day could push you from having an idea to having a full length manuscript. This was one of many methods I use to draft scenes.

The more you water your seed of motivation, the more it will grow into something more substantial.

Reason #4

You may start a new, productive habit.

Writing today is the start of writing every week, which is the start of writing every other day, which is the start of writing EVERY DAY.

All you need to do is start. Don’t worry, like everyone else, there will be some false starts, but that’s ok. Trust that you will develop a habit. If you wrote one page every day for a year, you would have the first draft of a novel.

Reason #5

Writing Fiction Changes People.

Fiction writing will cause you to the see the world differently, or at least to look at it more deeply. As you create scenes and characters, piecing together what is important, paying attention to emotional content, and weeding out what does not work, you are building a new framework for the way you engage with the world.

Reason #6

You have been putting this off long enough.

You have a story to tell. Tell it.

Reason #7

Your fears are not based on any evidence, even if you have written a novel and failed.

Take a good look at the reasons behind putting off your fiction. Are they valid? Take the leap and start writing today.

Reason #8

The world needs more stories.

Whether your work is fan-fiction or completely original, becoming an author is a way to contribute. Your voice can become one of many ringing out across the world, or speaking deeply from the pages of a book. If you write down your words, you increase the chance of someone reading your story and understanding the perspectives, ideas, and philosophies you are sharing.

Reason #9


Sorry to pull that one out on you, but the truth is you only have so much time!

If writing a novel is something you truly want to do, you should open your journal, your laptop, or even a napkin, and begin the long and beautiful process of storytelling.

Who knows what your words may mean to another person? At the very least, they mean something to you. Do not put off a dream for any reason. This is one of the reasons why I started incorporating video on my blog via YouTube. I wanted a stronger visual component to capture my novel-writing journey. Sometimes, you realize you just can’t wait to start something new.

Waiting? Just start today.

Best of luck in your creative endeavors.

Thanks for reading!

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