One of My Photos Was Accepted for Licensing! No, It’s Not My Cat

I’m learning photography, and I’m still a beginner.

On November 19th, I started a 500px page, and began posting photos I edited in Adobe Lightroom. My first image was accepted for licensing today, eight days later. It’s a picture of pine needles, that I cannot show on WordPress, due to my licensing agreement. However, you can see it here. That’s pretty exciting for me.

While it means close to nothing for me financially, it’s a nice little dopamine hit of validation for taking pictures of pine needles.

If you haven’t seen the video already, I posted a vlog on YouTube about taking pictures of my wife’s Oreo cake using a light box as part of my 31 videos in 31 days project for living my best life. I also posted it here on WordPress.

I previewed my 500px page in that video as part of a time lapse on editing photos. Maybe I’ll post a video on editing nature photography in the future, but not until I learn more skills!

Check out my 500px page here.

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