Filming and Photographing Geese at Sunrise [Video Post]

I experimented with my Canon Zoom lens (75mm – 300mm) and my kit lens (18mm – 55mm).

The other day, I went outside, walked to one of my favorite public parks near Lake Michigan and filmed the lake. To my surprise a large flock of geese flew overhead and I thought that was a great opportunity to test out my zoom lens.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been vlogging for about a week via YouTube. Check out the videos here, and if you haven’t already, subscribe. This video is one of those daily uploads.

The filming and photography sessions was really great. I captured some footage of the geese and of the lake in neutral color tones so I could color correct and adjust later.

I also took a few stills, four of which are featured in this video, and I uploaded a few to my 500px page as well.

Hope you enjoy!



The whole vlogging playlist:

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