40 Scenes in 40 Days

For the next 40 days, I am going to write 700-1500 words each day, because my writing habits are comparable to my cat’s attitude in the picture above. I attribute my loss of motivation to the long hours I spend working everyday, coupled with the lack of sun outside. Or, maybe I’ve just become lazy.

There are other reasons why I am taking up a project of this magnitude, one of which is the positive experience that writing gives me. There is nothing more enthralling than creating new scenes and characters. Also, I have an almost unquenchable need to write daily, practice my craft, and experiment – I just haven’t fulfilled it lately.

Each day, I will write a post of a 700-1500 words composing one or more scenes to the Paper Palaces Blog. Some of the scenes will form a continuity, others will not. Although I will not limit myself to just writing new posts, but also editing previous entries, please understand that many of the posts will be updated as I continue the challenge.

For the love of writing, I am taking on this endeavor, and I encourage anyone who is interested like this post and add a comment below, or on the 40 Scenes in 40 Days page, especially if you are doing something similar!


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