40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 11

Hajime: Before The Desert Hajime had cocooned himself in his apartment for two days. He wondered how long it would be before Wit found out about Shawn, but luckily for Hajime, these two days away from work were already scheduled. No one would expect anything from either one of them. Still, he didn't even wanted to try … Continue reading 40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 11

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 9

"Careful," said Shawn. His accuracy of knowing where Hajime was at all times sent prickles up Hajime's neck. Shawn continued manipulating the data files with his hands, moving as if conducting an unseen orchestra while digital lights swarmed in front of him. Hajime admired his gracefulness, as he felt too old to move so quickly. However, he knew that Shawn could also miss finer details, and this gave him the comfort of not being totally obsolete.

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 8

When she entered, projections lit up automatically, while the once dark and reflective floor disappeared almost completely from her vision. In total, there were five projections, four of which took the size, shape, and color of black marble statues. The fifth was a blur, still taking time to boot up. Of the four statues, two were men, and two were women.

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 7

Claire reached into her back pocket and pulled out two photos. She had grabbed them from her apartment just before the enforcers broke down her door. Managing to get away was a challenge on its own, but now, she was able to sit completely undisturbed, tucking her body between two dumpsters adjacent to a building at the very edge of Region Two.

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 6

Hajime unholstered his gun and left it in the car, taking instead his old notepad and a pen. If the offender were here, he would not make an arrest. All he wanted were answers. He thought of Shawn for a moment, and then forced Shawn's face out of his mind. This was not the time for this, not at all the time to feel guilty. He traced the horizon with his eyes, first catching site of seven flags hoisted at the far end of the shore. Each one was spaced evenly from another, beckoning him to move forward and see their flitting shapes.

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 4

She regretted that her chosen hiding spot was a crawl space just wide enough for her to breathe and feel the soft cobwebs against her lips, almost as much as she regretted that it was in a basement that had only one way in and out.

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 3

It had been exactly eight hours and twenty-five minutes since he had last allowed himself to pee, and when this exact number became eight hours and twenty-six minutes, he couldn't help himself any longer.

40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 1

"Once something dies, it's dead," said Lena. She left the room quietly, not before stopping near the stairs and turning her head to look at me. It was a short moment. Last week she didn't answer my calls, a few days ago she laid in bed for hours, and today... She stood there as one stands before a wide valley, wondering if crossing the divide was worth the effort and the risk of being completely vulnerable.

40 Scenes in 40 Days

For the next 40 days, I am going to write 700-1500 words each day, because my writing habits are comparable to my cat's attitude in the picture above. I attribute my loss of motivation to the long hours I spend working everyday, coupled with the lack of sun outside. Or, maybe I've just become lazy. There … Continue reading 40 Scenes in 40 Days