A 7-Day Reading Challenge May Be Just What You Need

Next week, starting on Monday, May 7th, I’m hosting a 7-Day Reading Challenge here, through Paper Palaces. This is a great way to refresh your reading habit, share what you are reading, and create new content for your blog or site, if you have one.


Why would anyone take on the challenge?

Maybe you want to read more, or maybe you want to share what you read. In either case, reading is an amazing activity with astonishing benefits.

Many of us find ourselves looking for large blocks of time to read. When we realize that these blocks don’t exist in our lives, or that we are too tired or fatigued to read, we get frustrated.  Our books, articles, and magazine often wait, collecting dust. Or, we are simply left reading material that doesn’t bring us the joy and satisfaction that a good read could.

This is, of course, not always the case. Some of us read every once in a while, but would like to read more consistently.

This challenge is for anyone who wants to read more, or more consistently.

It is especially for people who like to share what they are reading and who want to see what other people are reading. This 7-day challenge is not only good for jumpstarting a new reading habit, but it is also useful for rekindling your relationship with pages and pages of lovely words.

For bloggers and writers, this is a phenomenal way to build a week’s worth of daily posts as well.

What do we get for completing the challenge?


By completing the challenge, you will have built the start of a consistent reading habit or strengthened an old one. Also, you will have connected with a community of readers who have also participated in the challenge.

#ReadWithCurtis (1).png

There are only two rules:

  1. Read every day for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Post what you are reading about via Instagram, Twitter, or your blog with the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis.

(I’m Curtis! I will be participating in this challenge with you, and that makes the hashtag much easier to remember.)

As a bonus, I will post a simple daily task as part of the challenge on this blog for anyone interested. There will be a different task each day aimed at deepening your reading practice in a fun way.

Tips For Success at the 7-Day Challenge

  • Set a Time and Space.Set aside a time to read, and a space where you can concentrate for twenty minutes. You will be more likely to actually read. For example, I will be reading at my kitchen table, in the morning, with a cup of coffee.
  • Use a timer.Using a timer makes everything easier. I will be using my phone.
  • Bring Reading Material With You.Bring your book or reading material with you, wherever you go. You could easily surpass the twenty-minute mark by simply having the reading accessible to you.
  • Add Variety to Your Posts.If you are reading the same book over the 7-Day Challenge, consider including a quote in your daily Instagram or WordPress post. Take pictures of parts that inspire you, or a picture of where you are reading. Some of the more creative posts will be featured on the blog in a re-cap of the challenge.Don’t worry, I’ll ask you first.
  • If you’re stuck about what to post, read the daily task on this blog. The daily tasks are there for you to use them for fun, in any way you want.

Don’t worry if you start late! Just do the challenge anyway!

The more people participating, the better. It’s a simple challenge, and I’m hoping many of us connect over what we are reading over the course of the week.

Feel free to share this post or any other part of the challenge with others via Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or any other means. There are buttons below!

I will be doing the challenge with you, from May 7th to May 14th, but if you start later, that’s totally fine. If you’re up to it, comment below, or use the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis to share posts early!



A Note to Fellow WordPress Bloggers and Writers:

If you post about this on your blog, please send me a link. I would love to read your post and include a link to it in my re-cap of the challenge. Feel free to use the 7-Day Reading Challenge image in your post.

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