Writing with a Full-Time Job / Life – Taking the CHALLENGE of writing THROUGHOUT the day

In today's vlog, I respond to Vivian Reis and her tips on how to write with a full-time job / full-time life. Links are in the description to her video and all resources mentioned.

7 Lessons I Learned From Hosting My First 7-Day Challenge, and What I’m Doing Next . . .

Today marks the end of the 7-Day Reading Challenge.

At least, it marked an end to the official days. . . Here's what I learned from hosting a 7-Day Challenge over Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress, and what I plan on doing next.

Read an article that refreshes you!

Today's bonus daily task for the 7-Day Reading Challenge is to reconnect with yourself. One of my suggestions is to read an article about mental, spiritual, or physical health. Recharge! Reconnect with Yourself - Read an article that refreshes you! My Response Day 07 The purpose of today's task is to refresh yourself after these … Continue reading Read an article that refreshes you!

What is the strangest or most memorable thing you have read today?

Today is Day Four of the # 7-Day Reading Challenge. Today's bonus prompt is What is the strangest or most memorable thing you have read today?  Remember to post with the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog so we can see how you respond. Feel free to leave your response in the comments!

What resonates with you from your reading?

The question for today's reading challenge is What resonates with you from your reading? If your not part of the 7-Day Challenge, feel free to answer the question anyway. It's nice to hear what ideas stick with you. What impresses you? What piques your interest?

This can be about anything you are reading! Reply in the comments!

STACK THOSE BOOKS – The 7-Day Reading Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

It's the day before the challenge, and I am pumped.

In case you didn't know, I have invited people to read every day for seven days, starting tomorrow!

If you are not already participating in the #ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading challenge, I urge you to do so.  Here's what you can do today to join a community of readers who are also doing the challenge ...