I broke a promise . . .

https://youtu.be/wHtCkSkRNO8 The continuation of a previous video. This is what happened earlier that day. I've had a lot on my mind, but maybe it's all diet related, and not existential. Hope you enjoy! If you haven't already, please subscribe or share these videos with another person! -Curtis

What my brother said . . . [video post]

https://youtu.be/7cyxtVVBwS4 Just some great words of encouragement. There were four words my brother said that really made my day, and I think they were some of the most encouraging words you could hear. They remind me that I should keep being myself and embrace the challenges that every day brings. They remind me to walk … Continue reading What my brother said . . .

Writing with a Full-Time Job / Life – Taking the CHALLENGE of writing THROUGHOUT the day

In today's vlog, I respond to Vivian Reis and her tips on how to write with a full-time job / full-time life. Links are in the description to her video and all resources mentioned.

START crushing your CREATIVE project! [Video Post]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_XnABrAA0 Hope you're enjoying the video posts. Leave me a comment on here or YouTube if you are! (I meant to post this Wednesday! Sorry :/ ) -Curtis