40 Scenes in 40 Days: Day 1

"Once something dies, it's dead," said Lena. She left the room quietly, not before stopping near the stairs and turning her head to look at me. It was a short moment. Last week she didn't answer my calls, a few days ago she laid in bed for hours, and today... She stood there as one stands before a wide valley, wondering if crossing the divide was worth the effort and the risk of being completely vulnerable.

40 Scenes in 40 Days

For the next 40 days, I am going to write 700-1500 words each day, because my writing habits are comparable to my cat's attitude in the picture above. I attribute my loss of motivation to the long hours I spend working everyday, coupled with the lack of sun outside. Or, maybe I've just become lazy. There … Continue reading 40 Scenes in 40 Days