What’s next on your reading list? #ReadWithCurtis Challenge: Day Two and Book Review Blogs

Whenever I finish a book,  I usually consult a reading list, pick a book from a stack, or go to my online reading communities via book blogs or vlogs. When you can’t decide what to read next, what do you do? What’s next on your reading list?


#ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading Challenge: Day Two

First, let me with you a happy Tuesday! Today’s task/bonus prompt for the #ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading challenge is related to the title of this post: What’s next on your reading list? 

Are you sticking with the same book that you have been reading lately? Or, are you going to venture out and sample a few others?

Additional Questions You Could Answer

  • What has gone well so far?
  • Have you completed two days of reading in a row?
  • Have you read for 20 minutes or more on each day?
  • What kind of books, articles, magazines, or blogs have you read?

Remember to use the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis so we can see what you are reading!

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My Response to Today’s Daily Task:

What’s next on my reading list?

Today, I have a choice between Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things, and David Day and Alan Lee’s illustrated edition of Tolkien’s Ring. Both books look fantastic. Gaiman’s short works of fiction are his usual mix of humorous, dark prose and wit. Tolkien’s Ring is definitely next on the list, but I don’t know if I want to finish Gaiman’s book of short works first. Anthologies lend themselves to be read piece by piece, so I may pause from Gaiman’s work and begin reading David Day’s book.

Challenge Progress

The 7-Day challenge has been great so far. I have read for twenty minutes each day, including this morning (I’m an early bird). I’m mostly sticking within my comfort zone of speculative fiction and fantasy.

To be completely honest, the #ReadWithCurtis tag has not caught on yet. However, it has made a nice place to keep track of all challenge-related posts. For the most part, I have a refreshed enthusiasm for reading, and I’m inspired by the books I’ve decided to pick up.

Although only a small community of people have joined me on the challenge, I don’t feel alone in my reading endeavor. In fact, I feel like I’m making small but meaningful connections with a lot of people across the internet. Strangely enough, it’s all been through comment threads and direct messages. I wonder if this is because it’s more personal than a hashtag. Who knows?

Book Review Blogs Worth Checking Out

Reading and sharing reading is a funny thing. I would never dream of starting a book review blog, mostly because I prefer writing about the creative process, particularly crafting fiction. Still, I have an appreciation for book blogging and book reviews.

There are so many beautiful reading review and book blogs/vlogs on the internet, and I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface with the ones I’ve found. Ashley from ThriftyBibliophile is someone I’ve recently followed because of the quality of her posts and the organization of her content.

Stephanie from Adventures of a Bibliophile is another one worth checking out. Although they have very different styles, they both deliver interesting posts in their own way. If you have an excellent book blog that you follow, please share!



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