How are you starting your week of reading?

Today is Day One of the #ReadWithCurtis Reading Challenge. Whether you are participating in the challenge or not, you are welcome to share what you are reading!


#ReadWithCurtis 7-Day Reading Challenge: Day One

How did you start your week of reading?

The goal of today’s task/bonus challenge is to start the week feeling good. Celebrate the beginning of your reading challenge by simply posting about your reading. I have included a few ideas:

Ideas for Starting Your Posts:

  • Take a picture of a book or stack of books you enjoy or plan to read soon.
  • Take a picture of the specific book that you are reading, and post it to Instagram, Twitter, or WordPress.
  • Take a picture of a specific quote in your reading.

Remember to use the hashtag #ReadWithCurtis so we can see what you are reading!

Do you want your post or blog featured?

If you want to be featured during this challenge, add a link back to this page or link to the #ReadWithCurtis guidelines. Or, you could follow the challenge on Instagram (links below).

My Response to Today’s Daily Task:




I’m starting my week reading Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things. This is a collection of short works across a variety of genres. I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, and I will post more about the reading experience later after I read more. So far, I’ve read a Sherlock-Holmes-meets-Lovecraftian-horror short story, as well as a faerie poem within the book. It’s a neat read.


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What are you reading this week?


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