90,000 Words Later – What I learned from writing a fantasy novel . . .

Recently, I finished drafting, revising, and editing my manuscript for The Witch's Uprising, a medieval-inspired fantasy for teens, young adults, and adults. It took me more time than I wanted, but it was worth every bit of effort.

At 90,000 words, my manuscript is longer than I originally planned. I'm proud to say that I've finished something of this magnitude, and I hope it will be one of many projects in years to come. . .

“Just writing” – How a summer of writing is teaching me to do life better

This is one of a series of posts for my writing challenge, Minutes to a Better Book. You can read more about the challenge, and see all related posts here.       I Wrote an average of 2.5-3 hours a day, for ten days... I've reached the 30-hour milestone for writing my books. I'm happy with the … Continue reading “Just writing” – How a summer of writing is teaching me to do life better

Monday Recap – Last Week’s Wins

I’m smiling.  It was a productive week and a restful weekend. Here’s a recap of last week’s wins: Monday Recap - Last Week’s Wins Home & Writing BooksI spent time with my fiancé, attended a student play and worked 5 hours closer to my 300-hour goal for writing my novels. This puts me at the … Continue reading Monday Recap – Last Week’s Wins

7 Lessons I Learned From Hosting My First 7-Day Challenge, and What I’m Doing Next . . .

Today marks the end of the 7-Day Reading Challenge.

At least, it marked an end to the official days. . . Here's what I learned from hosting a 7-Day Challenge over Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress, and what I plan on doing next.